Hi Dave, hi Tyrone,

Thank you for the most wonderful trip we had with you and the best and most adventurous holidays we had for years.

We have never been to Africa before and so we did not know what it would be like. We did not know what to expect and got a whole bunch of great experiences! We were a group of 6 “elderly” people (from 50ies to early 60ies), two safari beginners and 4 experienced people. Together with Dave, the safari operator and Tyrone his assistant, we got a highly impressive introduction to the African bush and wildlife.

Two fully equipped Toyota Land Cruiser (Winch, Bull bar, Magellan GPS, safari snorkel, high suspension, spare tires, satellite phone, long range tanks, long range radio, freezer, ice box) served us as a very comfortable home for 12 days. Seating 4 people per vehicle we had a really good view whilst game driving. Day and night snacks and ice-cold drinks were available at any time. Helping put up camp with the “30 seconds” Australian tents, collecting firewood and cooking on the campfire was mere fun. Food was delicious; we will never forget the poikie pot!

After dinner we enjoyed sitting close to the campfire, drinking African red wine, Gin Tonic, Jameson’s or Captain Morgan.

At night we had a nice sleep on comfortable stretchers in spacious tents (one per couple), warm sleeping bags and nice pillows with name tags. We listened to the noises of the bush (animals and snoring neighbours). We did not believe that wild animals wander the camp but they really do! We had elephants, hippo, hyena, honey badgers only a few meters away and a leopard about 50 m from our camp in a tree.

We stayed 7 nights in various lodges, very comfortable and in Chobe really luxurious. Our trip took us more than 3000 km from Johannesburg to the Magkadigkadi pans, Moremi (Okavango Delta), Savuti up to Chobe and Victoria Falls (1 day in Zimbabwe) and back to Johannesburg. We were impressed by the different landscapes, roads and wildlife.

A big surprise was the unexpected flight from Maun-Airport over the Delta (marvellous!). Also real highlights were the two boat trips in the Delta and on Chobe River. We know we were very lucky: on our first safari we saw the “big five” and it started with a rhino! Whenever we wanted a stop we stopped.

Every day we experienced new adventures. Water crossings with the water covering nearly completely the windscreen, the engine compartment completely under water (I thought the car would never come up again!). We got stuck several times, once closely watched by nearby grazing buffalos. Unbelievable what these vehicles are able to do and where they can drive through. We also enjoyed the off-road-driving-lessons.

Without our experienced guides we would not have had half of these adventures. At all times we felt safe and protected. The eight of us formed a great team.

Thank you so much Dave and Tyrone,


Dres. Cornelia und Roland Kutzner
Weil am Rhein, Germany
An experience never to forget …

We, a couple in our late 50’s early 60’s, along with a group of 4 close friends have recently returned from a 12 day photo safari through Botswana with Old Khaki Safaris.

The experience was one none of us will forget. From the minute we were collected in Johannesburg until the minute we were delivered safely back was a period filled with adventure, adrenalin rushes, outstanding game sightings and great company.

Our group included 2 doctors, a veterinary professor, and an engineer. Four of us were veteran safariers and 2 had never been to Africa. ALL were 100% enthusiastic. Dave, our group leader and Tyrone, our guide, were highly professional and had our safety paramount in their thoughts at all times. The 2 Toyota Land cruisers were equipped with everything vital to our survival and our comfort in the bush. They were extremely comfortable to spend the many hours in and the visibility (4 to a vehicle) was always excellent. Icy cold drinks were at our fingertips 24 hours a day.

Our route took us 3,000 km through the Makgadikgadi salt flats, the Okavango Delta and on to the Victoria Falls via Savuti, over very diverse terrain, ranging from tar, to dust, to salt flats to sand and to no road at all. Our accommodation was an extremely comfortable combination of camping and lodges. The camping equipment was of the highest standard and quality. The “cuisine ” turned out to be astonishingly good using the finest quality ingredients. all perfectly suited to the braai it was cooked on. The bar was stocked with all we could wish for and ice was always on hand. Our evenings were filled with humour and reminiscing about the day we had had.

Each day it seemed included an exciting occurrence, ie a river crossing where only about 4 inches of the front windshield of the vehicle remained out of the water. Several times, we were seriously stuck (once the extraction was observed by several hundred Buffalo).

We had elephant, hyena, honey badgers and hippo in our camp, plus a leopard observing our evening drink from a nearby tree. Sightings of game were continuous, despite the time of the year and the relatively long grass. We saw all of the “big five”, massive elephant herds and a very long list of animals and birds too numerous to list.

Old Khaki Safaris is a participatory operation and this, in our opinion, made it far more fun. We helped erect the camp, cook, collect firewood and drive, we made a great team, the 8 of us. Our thousands of photos will serve forevermore as a reminder of a truly exceptional trip

10 out of 10 !

Thank you Dave, Thank you Tyrone

Christophe and Jennifer Lombard
Professor of Veterinary Medicine
University of Bern Switzerland
Professional organisation …

Dear Dave,

We must take time to write to you and thank you so much for organising our recent safari to Botswana. Having four overseas visitors here who wanted to experience a real African safari we were at a loss as to how to arrange it, and for us to do it the logistics would have been a nightmare. Thank goodness one of your friends recommended that we should contact you. The way in which everything was organised, from the initial planning, two Land Cruisers, all equipment, food, drinks, park fees, lodges, boat trips, and a couple of surprises along the way, was most professional. Throughout our trip everyone was relaxed and really enjoyed themselves, so much so that our friends are wanting to arrange another trip in 2010.

To yourself and Tyrone we are truly thankful and if anybody wishes to contact us for a referral, you are more than welcome to give them our e- mail address.

Frank Dyer
Johannesburg SA
Fantastic! …

The total experience with Old Khaki Safaris was nothing short of fantastic. From the very beginning with assistance on everything from what to bring, to where to see the best air fares to even proving help with local sightseeing tours after the safari.

The experience only got better upon arrival in Johannesburg with the airport pickup. The accommodations were beyond reasonable expectation. Dave was very friendly and very helpful. Even my wife, a definite non-camper, enjoyed the stay very much.

The diversity and number of game animals was superb. It is definitely not a zoo or over populated situation assuring that what we saw were all good and healthy with some very nice lion prides. I learned a great deal about how to safari in Africa from Dave. He was great and worked hard to assure I was happy. The variety of 4×4 driving that I was allowed to drive was an experience I will never forget. Overall, the experience was very safe, a great deal of fun and I definitely want to return soon.

Tom Johnson
A unique experience …

Old Khaki Safaris is somewhat different than the typical South African safari operation. While they provide all of the usual services expected on a safari adventure; guide, meals & drinks, accommodations, vehicles, books, and amazing game viewing, Dave does it in an environment that is exceptional. While this is a great place for a first-time safari, the draw for me was the possibility to see some of the less common species; specifically Southern Lesser Bushbaby, Pangolin, Hairy-footed Gerbils, Dwarf Mongoose and Wild Dog.

The terrain is beautiful, the swamps amazing and spectacular at sunset. In addition, watching Dave drive the 4×4 through the bush, make for an interesting diversion from the safari. I have travelled with dozens of operations throughout southern Africa, and with Dave from Old Khaki Safaris is one of the best. I recommend them without reservation. Steve Williams

Safari Explorer Journal
NY, NY United States
Five star service

My safari trip with my son and wife was outstanding. The accommodations, service and meals were five star. We where able to explore some amazing sites, place in Botswana throughout our 10 day stay with Dave from Old Khaki Safaris. The animal herds are healthy and in abundance and the amount of elephants and lions are exquisite. Dave is about the best there is. We can’t wait to go back. I rate this as one of the best safaris I have experienced.

Safari Explorer Journal
NY, NY United States

what a way to see the Jewel of Africa!! Dave took us to so many places of such beauty, that few people experience in a life time! A tribute to his superb knowledge of the area. Anyone looking for a rugged 4×4 trip, with 1st class comforts – Dave Court has the experience of both professionalism and the personal touch that would be hard to beat with any other company! Well recommended!!!

Angela and Bruce Hulett
London, UK
A Life altering experience

When I returned from my trip with Old Khaki Safaris, I had to seriously restrain myself from rushing out and purchasing maps, camping equipment and a Land Cruiser. And this was not only because of the adrenaline, adventure and thorough enjoyment…..

The trip gave me a new perspective on life in Africa. Everyday we spend rushing around our little concrete jungles trying to make a living. Well in the wild of Botswana I experienced “nature making its living” in a systematic, calm and beautiful way. No rush, no stress and a total new way of life. The beauty of Moremi, Bain’s Baobab, Savuti and Kasane is out of this world. The wildlife and the land are breathtaking. The bundu bashing in the 4×4 is exhilarating and the company in the form of Dave is excellent. With so much knowledge and experience Dave will create an adventure that you will never forget!

So do yourself a favour if you are searching for the experience of a lifetime …. Join Dave on a little adventure and enjoy the “Ambience in Africa”.

Wayne Pole
Cape Town, South Africa
We fortunate enough to have Dave’s Adventures escort us through the Okavango delta and onto Vic Falls.

This turned out to be without doubt one of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences of our lives. Not only did Dave prove to be a pleasant, humorous and extremely knowledgeable tour guide, but he was prepared for almost every eventuality. Dave has the unique ability to make one appreciate every minute detail in the wild and encourages one to actively participate on the tour. This was truly an experience of a lifetime.

Louise (31) and Phillip (37)
London, UK